US Equestrian Launches New Website – Has Eye on 20 New Markets

US Equestrian, the parent company of Virginia Equestrian, has launched a new website and is working to launch their new online platform this summer. The new platform will be rolled out in South Carolina (, North Carolina (, Georgia (, and Colorado ( by the end of August, 2016. The new platform will be mobile friendly with a refined user interface and user experience.

By leveraging all the newest, latest and greatest online tool sets and technologies, US Equestrian will bring all the great features of to other equestrian communities around t
he country.

"We have had folks contact us from all over the country, asking if we could open a site similar to in their state" says Chuck Ebbets, owner of Virginia Equestrian. "We have successfully launched new communities in Kentucky and Maryland, though we have used an old code base that is 'clunky' and not really mobile friendly. By investing in a new, state-of-the-art platform, we are able to expand our footprint into other states and areas quickly, reliably and with a ton of bells and whistles." currently serves over 25,000 webpages every day, with and not far behind. Key to the success has been having someone in that community running the site. "We are so lucky to have Danielle Aamodt running our operations in Kentucky. She has been instrumental in getting the word out, and in getting folks involved."

US Equestrian is planning to expand into another 20 equestrian communities over the next 12-24 months.

For more information, contact Chuck Ebbets ( or visit

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