Top Call Farm

Top Call Farm is family-owned and operated in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. Since our farm opened its doors in 1996, every client has been treated like a member of the Top Call family. We pride ourselves on starting confident, competent beginners and helping existing riders move to the next level and achieve their goals.

Leslie Huffman Krieger began riding and competing at the age of ten, with a passion for the hunters and equitation. She worked at Primrose Farm for Carla Sacco for 5 years, polishing her skills as a equestrian and an instructor. She moved to the Southeast and began teaching on her own in 1992. She is also a South Carolina recognized judge and has worked for several state horse shows. Since then, she has coached students to the USEF Medal Finals, the ASPCA Maclay Finals, and the EJ Hawn Medal Finals. She has trained many year-end award winners at the regional and state levels, and has had successful showings at national shows such as the Winter Equestrian Festival, in Wellington, Florida. Leslie is a firm believer in building a strong foundation to achieve effective, correct equestrians.

Linda "Muffin" Forrester began riding and competing at the age of seven, with a passion for the hunters and equitation. Successful as a young rider on both the local and A Show circuit, Muffin earned wins in all three arenas. After branching out on her own to start Eastside Stables in 1994, she collaborated with Leslie, who then owned Heel Down Stable. In 2003, Muffin became a proud partner of Top Call Farm, where she has coached many riders to year-end Championships. As a trainer, Muffin has helped many students transition into the world of horse showing and accomplish their competitive goals. Her calm demeanor and patience has made her successful with students who may be timid or nervous in the saddle. Her positive and constructive feedback encourages her riders to be confident and assertive, whether they're learning a new skill, or at high levels of competition.

Erin Connolly, Top Call Farm's Barn Manager, has over 16 years of riding experience at both local and national horse shows. She has enjoyed great success riding her own horses and catch riding in all three arenas, and has brought out the potential in many of the horses at Top Call Farm. She has ridden in clinics with George Morris and Jimmy Wofford, learning skills which she applies to in her daily rides. She completed her associates degree as a Veterinary Technician, which provides her the knowledge to professionally monitor our horses' health and condition.